Oh Dear GOD! Chocolate you WIN!

Mmmmm…deli meats!

A dad’s job is to: make his daughter feel beautiful. To make her courageous. Fearless. To show herhow to be independent. To give hera sense of adventure. To make her feel secure and confident. The relationship between a dad and daughter is very simple: She will love her father and trust him completly, forever. Because he’s her first love. Her first hero. The first man in her life! To all the men out there who have daughter’s remember this! HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

I love the view from my doctor’s office!

Hopefully you’ll see my work soon! I guess since I don’t have my film camera anymore doesn’t mean my life is over! Back to digital photos, but with a secret love for film! A love affair gone wrong!😂

Keeping it zenful.

wynndy Asked
QuestionGood afternoon Nadia, So nice to see you are still with us. I miss your work. Answer

I have a pulled muscle on my right leg for now and have been doing physical therapy…Hang on in there I hope to get out soon!

I have old lady knees! I can’t wait to see an acupuncturist tomorrow! Yes, I’m sold on it because it worked on my allergies instantly…as well as whiplash. My right knee and ankle gets worst by my 3rd day at work. I work 4 days and 10 + hrs a week! I need to get ready for CPR classes in the middle ( I have to be able to to bend my knees and get on the floor) of MAY. Then hiking REAL soon! I really need to go back to my photograhy…OH the humanity!!!

It’s been a while.

Not to rub it in…

Going to my dark side!

Deception Pass, North Beach Deception Pass, North Beach Deception Pass, North Beach

Deception Pass, North Beach

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My favorite hidden gem in Washington State.